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No Longer Just Housecalls: Introducing Aspen Park Vet Hospital!

The leaves are changing, it’s back to school time, and you may be wondering, where has the year gone?

This is the time of year which reminds us that change is inevitable and a natural and normal part of life.

Speaking of change,  last November I received a phone call from a local veterinary hospital about helping out a few hours a week.

At first, I was very reluctant, since I was already quite busy with house calls, practicing consistent video production, creating content for my online webinars http://www.stealmoreyears.com, and fundraising for the Resqranch http://www.Resqranch.org my non-profit.

However, I figured this might be a good opportunity to finally get some first hand knowledge for myself about this well known holistic veterinary practice,  which I had been hearing great things about for many years.

The practice, Aspen Park Vet Hospital in Conifer, Colorado right outside Denver,  was started by Dr. Gurney, “Doc”, who has been in practice for OVER 50 YEARS! Once I started working in the hospital, I was shocked and amazed day after day, by clients sharing their amazing personal stories with me about their experiences with Doc.  How people had taken their pets to the best specialists in the state, and given only days to live, yet with Doc’s unique treatments some of these animals went on to live, normal, happy, healthy lives. I have seen some disease that I had thought there was no known cure for, be cured, seen recurrent infections controlled, and seen many tumors just disappear without surgery. The stories and accounts are seemingly never-ending! I know it seems hard to believe, yet it’s true! The phones are always ringing off the hook here, and the parking lot is full of cars, often with license plates from out of state because people are so hooked on Doc. HIs unique methods have gotten around by word of mouth over the years that this is THE place to come if your pet has been diagnosed with a disease for which there is no treatment in conventional medicine.

So since then, I have been taking LOTS of notes, asking lots of questions, reading and learning tons about everything from molecular medicine to solar flares and their effects on the body.

As a holistic practitioner for the past 16 years, I already knew how amazing acupuncture, herbs, and other natural remedies can be for treating disease.  Yet now I am learning about how Doc uses these treatments,  as well as a whole plethora of other options, which he learned about over the years of primarily studying longevity in human medicine. In his day Doc was also a bacteriologist, studied and taught in such faraway places as Bucharest, and worked on the Mars Lunar Landing project for transporting living organisms into space.

Needless to say, a few hours a week turned into working nearly full time, mostly because Doc and I are so compatible with his ‘out of the box’ ways of thinking, and he just loves to share his knowledge with me and his thousands of clients. For that, I am super grateful.

So now, in addition to house calls and phone consults, you can easily connect with me through Aspen Park Vet Hospital. It is a wonderful addition to the practice to finally have a ‘home base’ for taking x-rays and performing surgeries, as well as having an on-site laboratory, a full pharmacy of conventional and holistic medications, and a fantastic staff! Soon we will also have behavior, training and socialization classes, because you know I can’t stop talking about how good behavior is imperative to good health!

We are super excited to share with you about this unexpected, and wonderful change. Now as the primary veterinarian at this well-established practice, I am combining my own evidence-based education, with Dr. Gurney’s best knowledge and experience, to continue his legacy to think outside the box,  and most importantly, to ‘Believe in Miracles”! We see miracles here nearly every single day, even with pets that have been given no hope, who come to the practice and then live happily another 5 years! I am honored to have the privilege to continue the legacy of genius forged by Dr. Gurney.

The amazing success stories are ones we want to share with you in the coming months. Please like us on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/AspenParkVet/ and subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/The1DrQ. Also, please stay tuned as we revamp the website and the lobby so we can offer training classes and boarding, install new, updated phone systems and computers in the hospital, and for a big grand opening open house that we hope to have soon.

So as we all settle into a new routine and prepare for winter, remember you can still schedule house calls, or visits to the clinic,  through the practice at 303-838-3771, for horses, dogs, cats, fish, and exotic animals.

Please remember, a portion of all proceeds from the sale of good and services through Aspen Park Vet Hospital now go to fund and support the mission of the Resqranch! Learn more about our mission at http://www.Resqranch.org to see all that we are working towards to help make the world a better place for people and animals.

Stay tuned for more as this grand new adventure opens more doorways to help the Resqranch fulfill it’s destiny that much more quickly!

Thank you and God bless!

DrQ, The One and Only Life Coach for People with Pets,  and the amazing staff of Aspen Park Vet Hospital!


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    • Notes like this from clients really warms my heart. I am honored and lucky to do what I do! 

      —Wight Family

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      —Mary and Sarah Morel

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      —Holly Bean, Conifer, Colorado 2/19/2014

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      —Shelly Drumm

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      —Kiersten Kephart