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Dr. Jena Questen, also known as Dr. Koi, has been caring for the pet fish in Denver since 2005.  Not only is she a member of the  World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, and  serves on the American Veterinary Medical Associations Aquatics Committee,  she consults for several US companies that supply the aquatics industry, and now just opened the


View of the First Fish Hospital in Colorado!

View of the First Fish Hospital in Colorado!



Vaccinating an exhibition quality Shiro Utsuri.

Vaccinating an exhibition quality Shiro Utsuri.

Located inside the Denver Holistic Pet Center, conveniently located just off I-70 and Pecos, the first fish hospital in Colorado provides:

  • Educational Classes and Expert Advice on Fish Health Care
  • Ambulatory and On Site Aquatic Veterinary Services
  • Services include but not limited to Vaccination, Injections, Fecal and Blood Tests
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Quarantine Services
  • Transportation
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tests

When DrQ isn’t helping clients with many varieties of finned friends, she is routinely asked to lecture nationally on fish health, traveling internationally for  aquatic veterinary medicine, and has been featured on the news and in national magazines. She routinely diagnoses, treats, and performs surgery on more fish  than other veterinarian in Colorado and surrounding areas. In fact, she was the first veterinarian in the US to vaccinate Koi show fish!

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Koi Fish Rescue Service


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The bond possible between people and fish!

We also assist with placing koi fish in new homes when their owners are no longer able to care for them.  If you have fish in need of a new home please subscribe to our email list and contact us.  We will use our extensive network of contacts in the aquatic industry to help find those fish a new, forever home.  Also, if you have space for fish in your pond,  please let us know, since we seem to have a steady supply of koi fish needing homes each year.

Don’t waste precious time with your sick pond or aquarium fish, get the right information the first time! Learn how advances in veterinary medicine can improve the health and longevity of your valuable fish, call (234) Koi Doc 1 and schedule your consultation with Dr Koi today!


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9 News interview with Ward Lucas on Koi fish veterinary medicine 11/29/2008

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    • My Flower horn was having trouble breathing, lack of normal movement and was not eating. She had a tumor like ball growing on her cheek. My heart felt like it was being compressed, such an immense burden which compelled me to give you a call

      —Jason San and “Killer”

    • The less mistakes there are initially, the better your chances of having a well-trained dog!"

      —Holly Bean, Conifer, Colorado 2/19/2014

    • Dr. Questen, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert advice for my German shorthair, Abigail (photo attached). If you remember, Abi was terrified of the shower where I give her bath. Even though I always used warm, gentle water, she had to […]

      —Steve Coop

    • Dr. Q’s intuitive way with animals, both human and otherwise, is an incredible professional asset, and I cannot recommend her care enthusiastically enough.

      —Shelly Drumm

    • I have never had another vet who even comes close to measuring up to her. Dr Q’s passion for animals, talent with animal treatment and compassion with their owners is a nothing short of a blessing.

      —Kiersten Kephart