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Coaching Packages:

For animal lovers ready to take a deeper dive, ready to really invest in themselves and their future with their animals, congratulations on making the commitment, these packages are for YOU:

*License to Love for individuals- this is for you if: you have a specific behavior issue (or issues) and it is imperative you get results FAST, or, if you are ready to make the lifestyle commitment to  ensure your animal has the BEST CHANCE of outliving their expected lifespan (because one thing we all know is true, they just don’t live long enough).

This 6 month program includes:

  • One house call and evaluation at the beginning of the program, the middle, and the end, to ensure you got all the results as promised!
  • Weekly 30 minute email or teleconference to discuss homework, goals, set back’s, and results.
  • Unlimited support at no additional charge during the program period.
  • Acess to the private Facebook Group License to Love, for added support and encouragement from others just like YOU!
  • Additional bonus’s constructed specially for YOU, such as recipes for homemade diets and treats.

Individually this much support would come to approximately $2,550 (depending on average travel time), however, sign up today and receive all this for only $395/month! Like Dr. Q on Facebook and watch for discounts and promotions off the price of the packages.   Makes a great gift for the animal lover of dogs, cats, horses, and/or fish, who already has everything!

Interested in even more? Contact us for details on a 12 month program. You won’t be sorry!

*DrQ and Your Business Mastery – this is for you if you have an animal related business and you are ready to take it to the next level in 2017. If you are a dog trainer, groomer, pet sitter, horse trainer, or have any kind of business that is animal-centric, and you are ready to push the boundaries of what you can achieve, then this program is for you. Worried about what to charge? How to charge? Being qualified enough? Then this program is for YOU! No one understands how to have a successful animal focused business, like I do, because I was once like you, too. Other coaches make big promises, and charge big bucks, but don’t truly understand what lies at the heart of a business focused on serving people who love animals.  I encourage you to get in on this while the rates are still low. Are YOU ready to make a change in 2017? Are you ready to invest in your future? Get personalized one on one consulting with DrQ on your business goals, complete with homework and assignments, and goal setting results!

-One time 30-minute session: $90
-Sessions once a week, for one month, worth $50 each ($197 one time)
-Sessions once every other week, worth $67 each with a 6-month commitment, and inclusion in the private FB group by the same name for even more support, encouragement, and ideas ($797 one time)

If you are ready to GET RESULTS, and MAKE the commitment, then the time is now to INVEST in the coaching you need. Get personalized help from someone who understands, who has been there, and who can stand by and guide you into a brighter future.

Special Bonus: Interested but still unsure? Schedule a complimentary consultation so we can decide if we are a good fit!

 Looking forward to helping you have resounding success in 2017! 

I’m DrQ, here to help you, and your animals live healthier, and happier, longer!



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    • Notes like this from clients really warms my heart. I am honored and lucky to do what I do! 

      —Wight Family

    • Another testimonial to DrQ's great care for her patients and their parents!

      —Mary and Sarah Morel

      DrQ @ EastWestVet

    • My Flower horn was having trouble breathing, lack of normal movement and was not eating. She had a tumor like ball growing on her cheek. My heart felt like it was being compressed, such an immense burden which compelled me to give you a call

      —Jason San and “Killer”

    • The less mistakes there are initially, the better your chances of having a well-trained dog!"

      —Holly Bean, Conifer, Colorado 2/19/2014

    • Dr. Questen, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert advice for my German shorthair, Abigail (photo attached). If you remember, Abi was terrified of the shower where I give her bath. Even though I always used warm, gentle water, she had to […]

      —Steve Coop

    • Dr. Q’s intuitive way with animals, both human and otherwise, is an incredible professional asset, and I cannot recommend her care enthusiastically enough.

      —Shelly Drumm

    • I have never had another vet who even comes close to measuring up to her. Dr Q’s passion for animals, talent with animal treatment and compassion with their owners is a nothing short of a blessing.

      —Kiersten Kephart