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Can You Please Help Me Find a Home ASAP?

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

Thanks in advance for reading this.  This is not about finding a pet a home, but me a home!

I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t in dire need of some help.

Dr Jena Questen (me) and my family need a home right away!  Prefer the Evergreen area. Need space for animals including 2 horses and a donkey. Our current landlord is selling, so we need a new home!

Our wish is to find an owner carry for just the next two years. Save on capital gains tax and realtor fees! Do a good turn for a deserving family that just needs a little help after a devastating divorce, and help us find peace and security so we can focus on staying in one place and building the Resqranch! Please forward this to anyone you know who might be of help!

Our dream is a reasonably priced owner-finance, and we have cash down, however, will consider a rental, or caretakers quarters. We need to make a move as soon as possible.

We hope to be moving ASAP so we can settle before school starts. Please keep us in mind, and pass it on!

Thanks so much, everyone, in advance, for helping us find a home!



your DrQ 🙂


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    • Notes like this from clients really warms my heart. I am honored and lucky to do what I do! 

      —Wight Family

    • Another testimonial to DrQ's great care for her patients and their parents!

      —Mary and Sarah Morel

      DrQ @ EastWestVet

    • My Flower horn was having trouble breathing, lack of normal movement and was not eating. She had a tumor like ball growing on her cheek. My heart felt like it was being compressed, such an immense burden which compelled me to give you a call

      —Jason San and “Killer”

    • The less mistakes there are initially, the better your chances of having a well-trained dog!"

      —Holly Bean, Conifer, Colorado 2/19/2014

    • Dr. Questen, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert advice for my German shorthair, Abigail (photo attached). If you remember, Abi was terrified of the shower where I give her bath. Even though I always used warm, gentle water, she had to […]

      —Steve Coop

    • Dr. Q’s intuitive way with animals, both human and otherwise, is an incredible professional asset, and I cannot recommend her care enthusiastically enough.

      —Shelly Drumm

    • I have never had another vet who even comes close to measuring up to her. Dr Q’s passion for animals, talent with animal treatment and compassion with their owners is a nothing short of a blessing.

      —Kiersten Kephart